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ACLS course completion e-Card and Certificate issued by the American Heart Association upon assessment of acquired skills.

Validity: Two Years.

Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support (ACLS) Provider


Two Days (16 hrs of Instruction)


Instructor Guided, Simulated and Video Based.

Course Content

Integration of basic life support with ACLS, individuals and teams participate in simulated adult clinical scenarios with active, hands-on participation at learning stations, Airway management, Rhythm recognition, Defibrillation, IV/IO access, Drugs in resuscitation, Cardioversion, and Transcutaneous pacing. Identification and initial management of Cardiac arrest, Acute Coronary Syndrome and Stroke, Post cardiac arrest care. ACLS emphasises effective team collaboration and clear communication between team members.


Written Exam and Skills Test.
(Note: To be able to test for ACLS, participants must possess a valid BLS Certification)


Preferred Audience

For professionals who may frequently encounter cardiovascular emergencies that require prompt response and care; Emergency, Intensive, Critical care healthcare providers such as physicians, nurses, paramedics, respiratory therapists, and other professionals.
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